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Guardian Electric & Gas has implemented a new way of dealing with your energy needs. We guide you along an expedient and efficient path for meeting your power needs. Whether you need the proper permits for a new business or renovation corresponding to your city, temporary power to finish a construction job, or permanent power after receiving your green tag, we get your power flowing immediately.

Guardian Electric & Gas matches your company or home with the service provider best suited for your needs. We make your entire energy acquisition and maintenance process run smoothly by ensuring that you won’t need to sweat the small stuff.

Stop dealing with someone you cannot understand or, better yet, someone who doesn’t understand your needs. Focus on your business without experiencing the overwhelming burden of navigating through convoluted industry specifics. Let us specialize for you!


And we mean that….

Also ask us about RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) that will provide a certificate to display on your wall to show your clients that you support green energy production.Not to mention the tax benefits, which you receive by going green. (Each country and state is different, please check with your tax accountant for more specifics)

Service Worldwide

Our reach is extensive. No matter where you are located, your business and family can rest assured knowing they will not have to wait for an emergency in order to secure high quality energy solutions. Guardian Electric and Gas provides services in all deregulated areas worldwide. Be it electricity, natural gas, or portfolio management, we empower your every energy need.

Service Now & Forever

Guardian Electric and Gas works around the clock to provide you with the ultimate energy service. Not only are we available at any time, we are forever available. Once we have established a business relationship, we will continue to oversee and manage your portfolio, while assisting your energy needs. Only Guardian Electric and Gas can offer you such an incredible and valuable lifetime commitment.

Get Better Rates Today

The energy market is in a constant state of flux. Keeping up-to-date with every small change that leaves a large-scale impact on the financing of your business or home is extremely time consuming and can also be a major headache. That’s where we come in. Don’t get stuck with bad rates and no one to turn to for help. Depend on Guardian Electric and Gas to always be there for your every energy need.


Guardian Electric and Gas offers a wide range of services for both Commercial and Residential.

We will cover your every energy need, whether that’s in the form of new, temporary, or permanent power, natural gas, or complete portfolio management.

We can help provide you with better rates, billing and audit assistance, industry education, aggregation of multiple accounts, and so much more!

Last Look

After you have completed your initial shopping and bids, we will take your contract options and provide you with a FREE last Look or better yet let us help you through the bidding process so you can focus on what you do best!

With our extensive industry knowledge, we can evaluate your contracts and provide you with more favorable terms. The best part is, you don’t even have to be our client.

You will never have to worry about being taken advantage of by the energy industry again.


At Guardian Electric and Gas, we understand the complications in dealing directly with the major players of the cutthroat energy Industry. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to become your personal energy advocate and to protect you from being taken advantage of. Don’t get locked into rates, terms or conditions that go against your best interest or even worse swindled into signing something that violates an existing agreement to be left with high termination charges just so that a fly by night broker can make a quick buck and hang you out to dry.

We are here to be sure you don’t get duped and we will be here long after others have closed their doors. Financial stability and survival requires a specified, fluctuating knowledge of the current market in order to secure the best price possible. I like best price , but also value is important. Do to the constant change of market prices, regulations and terms, we boast a lifetime commitment to our clients. The foundation of this commitment is solidified in our dedication to updating and maintaining your energy portfolio by re-negotiating for better rates as the market moves in your favor. No matter where you are, Guardian Electric and Gas will seek what is best for you and act on that knowledge accordingly.

Guardian Electric and Gas

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