Established in January 2009, with roots in both the commercial and residential sectors, Guardian Electric & Gas has become the premier Energy Concierge and Portfolio Management Service, with a specialization in New Construction.

Our internal reach is extensive. We have nurtured a wonderful working relationship within all areas and aspects of the energy industry.

Take advantage of our inside-presence to get the best rates and services that you may not even know exist. Everything you need, from permits to power, start-to-finish. Our goal is to ensure that your entire energy acquisition and maintenance process is both seamless and affordable.

Guardian Electric & Gas has implemented a new way of dealing with your energy needs. We guide you along an expedient and efficient path for meeting your deadlines. Whether you need the proper permits corresponding to your city, temporary power to finish a construction job, or permanent power after receiving your green tag, we get your power flowing immediately.

We will match your company or home with the service provider that best suits your needs. Whether you are a new construction company, a property management company in need of continuous service, a small mom and pop tailor, a large commercial industrial company, or even a large restaurant chain, our services will make your life simpler.

Guardian Electric & Gas makes your entire energy acquisition and maintenance process run smoothly by ensuring that you don’t sweat the small stuff. Remove long wait times that stall progress. Stop dealing with someone you cannot understand or, better yet, someone who doesn’t understand your needs. Let us specialize for you! Focus on your business without experiencing the overwhelming burden of navigating through industry specifics.

We appreciate the importance of natural conservation, so we do our best to make sure everything is electronic. With electronic billing, you won’t experience the inconvenience of printing, scanning, or faxing. We offer a clear, concise, solution to ALL of your energy needs. From paying bills, to energy audits and contract negotiations, with Guardian Electric & Gas you won’t just get a quick fix, you’ll get a personal energy advocate for life.